The future depends on whether we dare to change.

We produce fairly and carefully.

We create sustainable quality through professional craftsmanship.

Bermuda azul


Bermuda in five modern colours

We produce fair and carefully in Gran Canaria. Through professional handwork we create sustainable quality. Our shorts are made from 100% organic cotton, the buttons from coconut, the three pockets from fine organic jersey. Our Bermuda is available in five colors and three sizes.

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Telalibre Colores

 More color, please!

The pants are available in five great colors.

All textile dyes are natural and meet the conditions according to GOTS

Dyeing is an important process in textile production and unfortunately also the dirtiest. 

Not with us! 

Our paints are fresh, clean and non-toxic.

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Telalibre Canteras

Price performance

For Telalibre it was important from the beginning to create a balanced price-performance ratio. We believe this is the only way to work sustainably in the long term. We have to give the craft its natural value back, so that even small manufactories can survive. 

Price always plays a decisive role.

It must be possible that the customer gets a reasonable product for a fair price. And this should last a long time, so that the purchase is also worthwhile.

If a healthy balance is achieved here, we will have created the basis for sustainable economic activity.

Therefore you will always find fair prices at Telalibre . 

Fair for All.

Design, fashion and Telalibre

We understand design as a concept that fulfils a function in addition to aesthetics. In the best case, a useful one. 

In a dazzling fashion world, absurd phenomena emerge, but functional design rarely offers them to us.

Massive consumption, especially in the textile industry, is the driving force behind enormous environmental destruction and social injustice. 

On top of that, there is the personal health risk that we and our children are taking with this consumer behavior. 

That's why, for us at Telalibre , every design must be sustainable. Otherwise it is not contemporary design.

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Bernd's grandmother drawn by his grandfather

Telalibre our drive

I think back to my grandmother Veronika. I see her sitting at her old Singer sewing machine. 

The foot drive of the old sewing machines is not that loud and makes a pleasant almost meditative sound. I sat by in amazement, fascinated by their work and wondering how such a strange machine could be used to make such great fitting clothes.

These childhood memories encouraged me many years later to found TELALIBRE.

I became more and more outraged about the disastrous production conditions and the rampant consumerism in the textile industry. 

Conventional textile industry today means: massive environmental problems due to toxic waste water and enormous amounts of plastic waste, unfair working conditions and monopolization through aggressive price wars.

With TELALIBRE we would like to offer an alternative.

Our textiles are produced sustainably with the greatest possible care.

All our products are made from natural materials from organic cultivation or from recycled, certified fabrics.

Our aim is to produce the largest possible quantities regionally.

But even with imported goods, we guarantee fair working conditions and organic, sustainable cultivation. The production line of all our products can always be traced back.

We would like to use TELALIBRE to give the textile a better reputation again.

Because behind the product are many people whom we respect and whose work we appreciate.

Bernd Karrenbauer

This is where our shorts are made

Workshop in Gran Canaria

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